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Mobile Food Pantry

Mobile Food Pantry

Mobile Food Pantry

Bringing Healthy Foods to Rialto’s Communities

At Sunrise Life Development, we are committed to fostering strong, healthy, and sustainable communities. We are thrilled to announce our latest initiative – the Sunrise Mobile Food Pantry Program, made possible through a generous Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the City of Rialto.

The program will bridge the gap in food access by delivering nutritious and essential items directly to the doorsteps of those most in need in Rialto’s low-mod income neighborhoods.

How We’re Making a Difference

Within our Sunrise Mobile Food Pantry Program, we have incorporated a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community members. Our Emergency Relief Boxes are designed to provide essential food items that address immediate hunger concerns. Recognizing the unique needs of our youngest residents, we’ve dedicated a section of our program to Baby Essentials, ensuring that infants and toddlers receive the nourishment and care items they require to thrive. Additionally, with a commitment to the well-being of our senior population, we offer Senior Products – a curated selection of specialized items that cater specifically to the dietary and wellness requirements of our elderly residents.

Our Reach

Every month, our mobile food pantry will travel to targeted communities within Rialto, ensuring that our assistance reaches the low-income vulnerable populations, making a real difference in their lives.  While some may take the availability of healthy food for granted, marginalized populations often face barriers such as transportation issues, financial constraints, and limited nearby grocery options. Children, especially, require a steady supply of wholesome food for their growing needs, while seniors have specific dietary and health products that are essential to their well-being. Understanding these distinct needs, our program doesn’t just deliver food, but also essential items tailored to different age groups.


Get Involved

Our success isn’t just determined by the food and products we deliver but by the collective spirit of individuals like you. Whether you choose to volunteer, extend a hand of friendship and service; donate, making a tangible difference in the resources we can provide; or even just share our mission with others, amplifying our reach — your involvement is the cornerstone of our impact. Every gesture of support, no matter how big or small, pushes us closer to our goal. Together, fueled by a shared vision and compassion, we can pave the way for a brighter, healthier, and more hopeful future for every resident of Rialto.